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Public Records Request


The policy takes into consideration:

  1.  The right of the public to inspect and request copies of records, unless the records are legally exempt from public inspection. The Port will acknowledge and or complete the request within 5 business days. The Port will confirm and provide a written statement that they are still processing the request and provide a reasonable estimated completion date.
  2. After acknowledging the request and within an additional 10 business days (for a total of 15 business days) the Port will complete the request.
  3. Complete means:
    a.    Provided access to or copies of all non-exempt requested records
    b.    Asserted any exemptions to disclosure
    c.     Complied with ORS 192.505 – separate exempt from non-exempt material make non-exempt material available
    d.    Provide a written statement that the Port is not the custodian of record
    e.    Provide a statement that federal or state law prohibits the public body from acknowledging whether any requested record exists
    f.     Tell the requester appeals rights if exemptions were asserted.
  4. The clock pauses when: (1) the Port tell the requestor a fee is due to process the request (once paid or waived), the clock resumes) or (2) the Port requests additional information necessary to process the request.
  5. The Port has a duty of to protect its records from theft, alteration or destruction.
  6.  For questions regarding a public records request, contact:
    a.    Port of Cascade Locks,
    b.    Keriane Stocker, Secretary
    c.     PO Box 307
    d.    Cascade Locks, OR 97014
    e.    541-374-2400
  7. Requesters are encouraged to contact the above representative in order to discuss potential narrowing of broad requests.


  1. The Port may recover actual costs incurred to comply with a Public Records Request from the person requesting the record as follows:
    Charge for staff to locate and pull public records:     
    $20 per hour - 15-minute increments ($5 minimum), up to actual cost of staff time
    Plain paper copies per side:   $ .25
    Attorney fee for reviewing records:  Actual cost
  2.  If the total costs will be over $25, the Port will provide written notice of the estimated amount of the fee and request confirmation that the requestor wants the Port to proceed with making the public record available.
  3. If it appears that the Port may have the Port attorney review documents being requested, prior to charging for attorney time the Port will notify the person requesting the records that they may be charged for the cost of the attorney review.
  4. Costs may be reduced or waived when requested from another public agency, or when the General Manager determines that it is in the Port’s or in the public’s best interests to do so.


  1. All requests to inspect or copy Port records must be submitted in writing on a standard Port form and signed. Requests can be emailed to: or mailed to: Port of Cascade Locks, PO Box 307, Cascade Locks, OR 97014.
  2. Requests that are overly broad or ambiguous will not be accepted. Be specific. If you have questions or want to discuss potential narrowing, contact: Keriane Stocker, Port Secretary at 541-374-2400.
  3. The right to inspect Port documents does not include the right to merely rummage through file cabinets or file folders. Documents may be provided to the person requesting information, or Port staff may review documents and pull only those which contain the information being sought. Records will only be inspected with staff present.


  1. The Port will attempt to comply with all requests within 15 business days. If the Port is unable to complete processing of a request in that timeline, it will instead send an estimated date of completion. In unusual circumstances, it may take more time to respond to a request depending upon the nature of the request and the circumstances (including volume of records, difficulty in locating records, available staff, and determining exempt status), which exist in the office at the time the request is made. In such circumstances, the Port will attempt to reach out to the requester to propose potential narrowing of the request or discuss other strategies to speed processing.
  2. The Port may require observation or supervision of examination of records. If important original documents are requested, or if documents contain material exempt from disclosure, copies of such documents (with exempt portions excluded) may be produced for inspection rather than originals.
  3. The Port will not create records which are not already in existence, nor be required to explain or summarize records.
  4.  If a document is available in electronic format and is requested in that format, the Port will provide the document in the requested format.
  5.  The Port shall determine the time and location of all records inspections.
  6. If a person does not cooperate with Port staff or follow Port rules while inspecting or copying records, the inspection may be postponed or terminated.
  7. When issues arise concerning the inspection or copying of records, the General Manager shall make such determinations and impose such requirements as appear appropriate under the circumstances. In the absence of the General Manager, the Port staff person supervising the information request shall have the same authority to regulate the procedure as the General Manager.





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