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Bridge of the Gods Centennial Celebration Advisory Committee


The Bridge of the Gods Centennial Celebration Advisory Committee oversees the planning of the bridge’s 100th anniversary campaign. The committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Task 1: Develop Primary Objective and Aim Establish a clear vision for the centennial celebration that reflects the bridge’s history and identity. This vision will serve as the foundation for developing a comprehensive plan to ensure a successful and impactful celebration.
  • Task 2: Determine Budget Determine, allocate, assess and effectively spend budget to maximize impact. Secure funding and resources and identify and leverage partnerships if needed.
  • Task 3: Public Reporting Communicate regularly with the board at public meetings about the planning process and progress. Keep the community informed about celebration details
  • Task 4: Oversee Implementation Provide leadership and oversight for the planning and careful execution of all anniversary activities.
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