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Beach Expansion

The Port of Cascade Locks is dedicated to expanding the small Marine Park Beach for public use. The historic beach is under water, as this section of riverfront was flooded during the construction of the downstream Bonneville Dam. The beach has not been able to re-establish itself naturally.

The long term vision is a larger beach for safe swimming, world class sailing regattas and clinics, non-motorized boat launching, restored river bank habitat, and improved access for tribal fishing. The expansion of this beach will require the construction of a new gravel slope and two engineered rock jetties to protect the beach from the wind and waves of the Columbia River Gorge.

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In order to begin construction, permits from many different state and federal agencies are necessary. Construction is estimated to cost $1.2 M, and can be phased over several years. The Port is still working in close coordination with all four Columbia River Treaty Tribes to develop an agreement around this project.


Sail the Gorge

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The Columbia River at Cascade Locks has become one of the most desirable destinations for competitive small boat sailing in North America. The location has sustained wind speeds, predictable river current, fresh water body, and scenic beauty superior to other sites. Competitive and instructional sailing is conducted in Cascade Locks by the non-profit Columbia Gorge Racing Association. The Beach Expansion Project was inspired by a Feasibility Study for a world-class sailing center in Cascade Locks.

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