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Archive | Board Documents

Agendas, Minutes, and other related documents for board meetings prior to 2021 are archived here by year. Documents for meetings held in 2021 and subsequently are attached to each meeting date on the calendar. 

2020 Agendas 
6.16.20 Economic Development subcommittee agenda.pdf1.23.20 Economic Development subcommittee agenda.pdf6.2.20 Economic Development subcommittee agenda.2.pdf01.30.2020.JointMeetingAgenda.pdf11.17.20 edsc agenda.pdf3.12.20 Economic Development subcommittee agenda.pdf6.23.20 Economic Development subcommittee agenda.pdf11.19.20 POCL agenda REVISED.pdf7.7.20 Economic Development subcommittee agenda revised.pdf8.26.20 Special meeting.pdf8.20.20 agenda.pdf10.29.20 agenda for supplemental budget meeting.pdf8.4.20 Economic Development subcommittee agenda REVISED.pdf12.3.20.20.agendaRevised.pdf8.16.20 Economic Development subcommittee agenda.pdf8.25.20 edsc agenda.pdf10.20.20 edsc agenda.pdf11.5.20 POCL agenda.pdf11.3.20 edsc agenda.pdf12.8.20 EDSC.pdf12.8.20 Special Meeting (1).pdf9.15.20 EDSC.pdf9.17.20 Marine Park subcommittee REVISED.pdf9.22.20 edsc agenda.pdf10.1.20 Revised agenda.pdf12.8.20 Special Meeting.pdf10.1.20 Marine Park subcommittee agenda (1).pdf9.17.20 POCL agenda.pdf12.23.20 Marine Park subcommittee agenda.pdf12.29.20 Special Port Commission Meeting.pdfAgenda Budget Meeting 5-20-2020.pdf10.15.20 Revised agenda.pdf10.6.20 edsc agenda.pdf10.15.20 Marine Park subcommittee agenda.pdf10.22.20 Special Port Commission meeting.pdfAugust 6 2020 Commission meeting .pdfAgenda Budget Meeting 5-27-20.pdfAugust 13 2020 Special Commission meeting.pdfCommission Agenda 1.2.20 final.pdfCommission Agenda 1.16.20 REVISED.pdfCommission Agenda 2.20.20.pdfCommission Agenda 2.13.20 REVISED 1.pdfAGENDA Strategic Planning Session 5.2.2020.pdfCommission Agenda Special Meeting 4.8.2020.pdfCommission Agenda 2.24.2020.pdfCommission Agenda 4.16.2020 Revised.pdfCommission Agenda Meeting 6.4.20.pdfCommission Agenda Business Meeting 5.21.20.pdfCommission REVISED Agenda 3.19.20.pdfREVISED Agenda 4.2.2020.pdfRevised Commission Agenda Business Meeting 6.18.20 .pdfRevised Commission Agenda Special Meeting.5.14.20.pdfJoint Meeting Agenda 3.11.2020.pdfJWGED 02.27.20 Agenda.pdfCommission Agenda Special Meeting.3.25.2020.pdf12.29.20 Economic Development subcommittee agenda REVISED.pdfEDSC 4.23.2020 .pdfCommission Agenda 3.12.2020.pdfStrategic Planning Session 4.25.2020.pdfFinal July 16 2020 Commission meeting Revised.pdf
2016 Agenda 
2015 Agendas 
2014 Agendas 
2013 and before Minutes 
2013 and before Agendas 
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